The Enchantress 女巫

The Enchantress will be your magic Follower. Able to cast skills from afar, she will pair nicely with a more melee oriented character to blast away enemies from a distance.

女巫是法系跟随者。爱游戏:《暗黑3》新雇佣兵系统 擅长于跟近战职业搭配在远处轰炸敌人

Skill choices:


Tier 1 (Unlocked at lvl 5) – Disorient, Forceful Push, Charm第一层(5级可解锁)- 迷惑,爱游戏:《暗黑3》新雇佣兵系统 强推,魅惑

Tier 2 (Unlocked at lvl 10) – Decoy, Reflect Missles, Powered Armor第二层(10级解锁)- 引诱,反弹远程,增强护甲

Tier 3 (Unlocked at lvl 15) – Focus Mind, Amplify Damage, Lower Resistance(15级解锁)- 强化意志,伤害放大,减低抵抗

Tier 4 (Unlocked at lvl 20) – Energize, Energy Bomb, Guidance (20级解锁) – 能量注入,能量炸弹,护卫




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